Helpful Self Storage Uses

woman with box outside of storage unit

Is your home being overrun with clutter? Do you need a convenient place to store an unused vehicle? Are summer clothes taking over your winter closet? Central Self Storage in Boise, ID is a great asset for renters and anyone who needs more space. Why aren’t you taking advantage of it? Here are just a few ways that you can use self storage today!

Temporary Storage

Sometimes, an apartment is only a temporary home. You might be renting while you’re waiting for your home to be remodeled, preparing to move to a smaller place, or working in a new area. These are all great reasons to use Boise, ID storage units to keep items that you don’t want to move multiple times or can’t fit in a cramped apartment. Temporary storage can also be helpful if you’re taking an extended trip, such as a deployment or job assignment. Rather than maintaining rent on your residence, transfer your belongings to an affordable storage unit for the time being.

Vehicle Storage

If you live in a modest condo or apartment, you probably don’t have room for a boat or RV. As you know, many apartment buildings charge premium prices for garages and extra parking spots. Storage centers are secure and offer competitive rates for storing campers, boats, extra cars and all kinds of oversized items. Central Self Storage in Boise, ID has parking spots available for vehicles, boats and campers, as well as storage units with over 300 square feet if you prefer enclosed storage for these valuables.

Seasonal Items

Boise, ID storage units are the perfect place for items that are only used for part of the year. Renters can easily store skis, snowboards, winter clothing, tents and patio sets in a storage unit. You can trade out your items when the seasons change. As you remove your winter gear, replace it with your seasonal summer storage. Removing these items from your home in the off-season will make a noticeable difference!

Extra Belongings

If you love to redecorate and pick up treasures at the thrift store, a storage unit can help you indulge your passion without cluttering your apartment. Storage units are also great for protecting valuable furnishings that you’ve inherited from family members and want to use down the road. Central Self Storage has climate controlled unit available for sensitive items such as valuable collections and family heirlooms. While these items may be dear to your heart, there may not always be space for them in your home. Storing valuables keeps them safe from the elements, theft and possible household accidents.

Storage units can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Whether you need a secure space for valuable collections, need a place to store your boat or are just de-cluttering your home, storage units are an affordable and convenient home for your belongings. Contact Central Self Storage to find a storage facility near you, and find out more about unit rates and availability today.