RV Storage

RV Storage

RV ownership provides endless opportunities for travel, adventure, and freedom, so finding a spacious and secure place to store your camper or other recreational vehicle when it’s not in use should be the least of your worries. At Central Self-Storage, our RV self storage options cater to the needs of RV owners, offering protection and peace of mind.

Why Choose RV Storage?

Storing your RV at a self storage facility helps protect it from the elements and maintain its condition while freeing up space at home. Whether you’re looking for short-term space during the offseason or long-term storage solutions, there are flexible options to suit your needs.

Types of RV Storage

The two most commonly available types of RV storage include outdoor parking spots and covered spaces. Outdoor storage tends to be the most affordable option, perfect for those in mild climates, and it offers easy access and ample space. Under a canopy, covered RV storage can provide added protection from sun, rain, and snow.

Storage Features and Amenities for Your Recreational Vehicle

The following are some of the many features and benefits of RV storage.

  • Wide aisles and drive-up access. These features translate to smoother maneuverability for large vehicles like vans, campers, and RVs.
  • Security measures. We have electronic gated access, 24/7 surveillance, and well-lit premises to help keep your RV in a secure environment.
  • Convenient locations. For easier access, you might want to select an RV storage facility near your home, major highways, or popular camping sites and attractions. 
  • Additional services. Some locations may even offer amenities like dump stations, wash bays, and electricity hookups to keep your RV ready for the road. 

Preparing Your RV for Storage

To ensure your RV remains in top condition while in storage, consider the following tips.

  • Clean and inspect. Drain water tanks, wash the exterior, and clean the interior to prevent rust, mold, and pests. Check for issues and perform any needed repairs.
  • Protect your tires. Use tire covers to protect against weathering and cracks from prolonged exposure.
  • Engine care. For winterization and long-term storage, it’s wise to fill the gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer, and disconnect the battery so it doesn’t become drained.
  • Ventilation. Leave vents slightly open to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.

Help Your RV Remain Ready for the Open Road at Central Self-Storage

With multiple full-service facilities offering RV self storage, Central Self-Storage is dedicated to providing our renters with accessible, flexible options to accommodate their specific vehicle storage needs. No matter which type of storage solution you choose, you can rest assured your RV is protected and ready to roll for your next adventure. Contact us today to discover how we can help you store your RV or camper year-round!