Boat Storage

boat storage

For boat owners, proper offseason storage is crucial to maintaining the condition and longevity of your vessel. Whether you have a fishing boat, Jet Ski, pontoon, or trailer, our boat storage options at Central Self-Storage provide secure, convenient, and flexible solutions tailored to accommodate watercraft of all sizes and types.

Why Store Your Boat With Us?

  • Security measures. Our facilities have advanced security measures, including gated access to the premises, 24-hour video surveillance, and well-lit areas to ensure your boat remains as protected as possible.
  • Protection from the elements. Choose from outdoor storage or covered or indoor storage options to keep your boat dry during the winter and shielded from weather-related wear and damage.
  • Proximity and accessibility. Store your boat at a facility that’s conveniently located near your favorite marinas, lakes, and bodies of water so you can hook it up to your vehicle and set sail whenever you want.
  • Flexible leasing. Instead of committing to a long-term rental contract, opt for a month-to-month leasing arrangement to store your boat only during the seasons you need to.

Boat Storage Options

Regarding boat storage locations, there are several potential options depending on the self storage facility you choose.

  • Outdoor storage. This is an economical choice for larger boats or those who prefer a cost-effective solution. Outdoor storage may not protect against all the elements but still offers a home base for your vessel on well-maintained facility premises.
  • Covered storage. A covered parking spot can provide a middle ground for boat storage, shielding your vessel from sun and rain under a protective canopy. This option is ideal for those seeking more protection than outdoor storage without the cost of an indoor unit.
  • Indoor storage. Indoor storage offers the ultimate protection for your boat. It is a completely enclosed space that safeguards against all environmental factors.

Additionally, you might decide you only need short-term storage for your boat, which can provide a dedicated space for it during the colder months that’s not your driveway, yard, or street. On the other hand, you can station your watercraft off-site for the long term, where you have plenty of room to haul it in and out or winterize it before it sits idle for an extended period. 

Preparing Your Boat for Storage

To keep your boat in prime condition, perform the following.

  • Clean thoroughly. Wash down the exterior to remove saltwater, grime, and debris. Clean the interior, empty sewage tanks, and remove perishables or valuables.
  • Perform engine maintenance. Depending on your boat, you may need to flush its engine with fresh water, change fluids, replace filters, and consider adding a fuel stabilizer. Disconnect the battery if storing for a longer time period.
  • Cover your boat. Whether storing it indoors or outdoors, a quality cover for your boat and its wheels can protect against dust, debris, snow, moisture, and UV damage.

Contact Central Self-Storage for Boat Storage Solutions

During the boating offseason and beyond, our storage facilities are designed to provide you with peace of mind and streamlined watercraft access. By choosing the right type of storage solution and preparing your boat with care, you can help ensure your vessel remains in great condition and ready for your next aquatic adventure. Find a Central Self-Storage location near you today to learn more about our flexible boat storage spaces.