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California Self Storage Locations

California has it all – sandy beaches, rugged mountains, desert oases, even national forests. It is known for its prominence in the entertainment, tech, and hospitality industries and is regarded as a global trendsetter for pop culture and political trends. From the delicious dive restaurants to luxurious resorts, California offers something to everyone – and everyone seems to have a good time.

Central Self Storage also has something for everyone. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, avid beach-goer, or a busy student, we have a self storage solution for you. Keep your hiking gear, beach accessories, or important documentation tucked away in one of our units. California’s housing prices are infamously above average – so save on square footage with self storage!

Whether you’d like to take the boogie board for a go on the beach or keep your latest flea market finds in good hands, self storage is perfect for giving you the room you need to keep the things you want.

Don’t stress about clutter or high real estate costs. With a storage unit, you can get back to that California state of mind. Find your nearest Central Self Storage facility!