Moving Truck Rentals

Moving truck

At Central Self-Storage, we understand that moving is often hectic. That’s why we offer free, convenient moving truck rentals at select facilities, making your storage experience as seamless as possible. Whether you’re moving into a new home or need to transport items to your storage unit, our trucks are equipped to handle your needs.

Make Your Move Smoother With Truck Rental Services

Some of our storage facilities offer moving truck rentals to help make your transition smooth and efficient. Recognizing that each move is unique, we can provide truck sizes to ensure we meet your specific needs. Just make sure you reach out to your local Central Self-Storage to check availability and request any additional help securing moving services. 

Why Choose Our Trucks?

  • Convenience and accessibility. You can pick up and drop off the truck at the same place you store your belongings. Plus, most storage units on the ground level are accessible directly from your truck, making it quick and simple to move in and out. We even have carts and dollies you can use.
  • Variety. We can offer a range of different truck sizes to match the scale of your move, whether it’s a few boxes or an entire household.
  • Competitive pricing. Take advantage of any special offers, including free truck use for storage unit renters.
  • Ease of use. Our trucks are well maintained and equipped with features like automatic transmissions and air conditioning to ensure a comfortable moving experience.

How To Rent a Moving Truck

  • Meet basic rental requirements. Of course, you must possess a current, valid driver’s license to rent a moving truck. Most rentals require the driver to be at least 18 years old. In addition, make sure you’re covered by insurance, whether through your own auto policy or by purchasing additional moving truck insurance.
  • Check availability. Contact your storage facility for availability or check online with other providers to find available trucks on your desired moving day.
  • Choose your size. Select a truck size that fits your move. If you’re unsure, self storage facility staff can help you decide based on the number of items you plan to transport.
  • Reserve and pick up. Reserve your truck ahead of time and pick it up with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.
  • Return truck. After your move, simply bring the truck back to the same location.

Along with truck rentals at certain facilities, we offer a variety of packing and moving supplies, such as boxes, tape, and padding materials, on-site. Our staff is also on hand during office hours to provide tips and assistance to make your move easier.

Start Planning Your Move Today

Ready to plan your move without worrying about how you’ll actually move everything? Find a Central Self-Storage facility today to learn more about our moving truck rental options and moving solutions.