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Centrally located in the Santa Clara Valley, San Jose is an economic, cultural, and political hub of Silicon Valley. Slated as the tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley is an economic catalyst for the city, attracting innovative startups and a young, diverse workforce. Area schools, including San Jose State University, Stanford, and the California University of Management and Technology (CALMAT) continually drive new graduates and new ideas into the area. With fun, innovative, and flexible work environments, not only are residents happier at work, but can enjoy all that the city has to offer: proximity to beaches, mountains, parks, museums, and more.

Whether a budding business, young professional, or tenured capitalist, everyone in San Jose, CA can benefit from Central Self Storage. High costs of living are common across California, but San Jose may be the worst of them all; luckily, self storage saves you more per square foot than an extended garage or crawl-space attic. With a range of unit prices and features, you can store anything from business documents to boats, business equipment, and more. Students can also benefit from self storage, as it’s like adding a closet to an abysmally small dorm room. Hold on to useful textbooks, homework assignments, and more without cramping your dorm style.

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