Climate Control: Keeping You and Your Items Cool

A outdoor thermometer held up to the sun

There’s no doubt that it gets hot in Chandler, AZ during the summer. It also gets pretty cold overnight in the winter. Extreme temperatures don’t do anything good for you or your belongings in self storage. If you want to protect your stuff while it’s in storage, climate control is the only way to go – and we have it at Central Self Storage.

Main Advantages of Climate Control

It provides a consistent temperature.

Outdoor storage units are made of a metal in most cases. What does metal do? It heats up in the sun. You don’t want to store records, photos, documents, and other sensitive belongings in a hot, airtight unit. With climate control, you don’t have to worry about hot or cold temperatures harming your belongings. It keeps everything at a comfortable temperature to prevent everything from warped records to cracked leather.

It reduces humidity.

High humidity is a killer for stored items. It introduces excessive air moisture into the unit and poses a risk to electronics, paper items, and more. Climate control manages the temperature and the humidity to keep everything balanced. It not only prevents moisture damage but also wood rot, mold, and rust.

It keeps you comfortable while you work.

Whether you’re storing new items or finally getting around to organizing your unit, it’s never fun to work in a hot, humid environment. You have to deal not only with the sun but also a stuffy enclosed space. With climate control, you can bring in, rearrange, or organize the belongings in your storage unit without sweat running down your face.

Storage Units and Climate Control: A Perfect Combo

You don’t have to sweat bullets while you pack your things in storage. Climate control keeps things at a comfortable temperature regardless of the season. It also protects your belongings and prevents warping, cracking and drying. Visit Central Self Storage to learn more about our storage units in Chandler, AZ and to find the perfect size for your things. Whether you’re storing valuable keepsakes or unused furniture and clothing, our climate-controlled units keep everything at a consistent temperature and protect your belongings for the long term.