Holiday Decoration Self Storage

taking Christmas decorations off tree

Seasonal Decorations

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to take down and store seasonal decorations. Just a little advance planning prevents this chore from becoming a stressful task. It also makes decorating easy to access for next year. Since you will only need these decorations once a year, minimize household clutter by storing them in Pleasanton, CA storage units.

Inspect decorations for broken pieces and burned out bulbs. It may be less expensive to replace these items during after holiday sales rather than waiting until the next holiday season. As you pack your decorations, take special care with fragile items. Use acid-free paper and boxes with individual slots to separate each item. Consider using Central Self Storage in Pleasanton, CA to protect candles and family heirlooms from heat and humidity. Use egg cartons for small decorations and knickknacks. Mark the center of long strings of lights or garlands with a twist tie before taking them down to make it easier when hanging the decorations in the future.

Use a color-coded or label system as well as clear bins whenever possible to organize self storage in Pleasanton, CA. You can use specific descriptions, such as stockings and wreaths, or general categories like interior, exterior and tree decorations. Protect less fragile items from damage by using leftover wrapping paper as packing material. Wrap strings of lights around a plastic reel or old wrapping paper tube to prevent tangling. Store your artificial trees and wreaths in heavy-duty plastic bags. Use a cardboard box if the wreath contains fragile ornaments. Take care when stacking boxes in Pleasanton, CA storage units. Ensure that heavier items are on the bottom to prevent damage from crushed boxes. These steps help ensure that your decorations are safe and ready when you unpack them.

Find a home away from home for your holiday decorations with Central Self Storage in Pleasanton, CA. With a variety of storage unit sizes to choose from, Central Self Storage has plenty of room for any amount of items. Contact Central Self Storage today to find an affordable unit to fit your needs.