How Self Storage Can Make Spring Cleaning Even Easier

A man and woman sit on the floor. They wear rubber gloves and hold cleaning supplies and high-five.

Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! Whether you look forward to scrubbing your home spotless each year or you prefer basic tidying, make your spring cleaning easier with Central Self Storage’s helpful checklist. 

From learning how to clean hard water stains in your bathroom to how to keep your home organized with self storage, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our spring cleaning checklist and start freshening up your living space!

Creating Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you’ve ever wondered why spring cleaning is important, you may be surprised to learn it’s actually beneficial for your health. In addition to keeping your home clean and clutter-free, the physical action of cleaning your home can help boost your mood after a long, cold winter. 

Any big cleaning project, however, benefits from a checklist. Everyone’s spring cleaning checklist looks a little different, but you can count on finding common rooms and areas on anyone’s tidying to-do list:

  • Bedroom(s)
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Garage
  • Attic

Once you’ve identified the areas you need to clean, it’s time to start creating that checklist! You can find templates online, create your own document, or get creative with some pens and paper.

Divide up Spring Cleaning Tasks by Room

Writing out one giant list of things to do for spring cleaning may seem straightforward, but it can be daunting to see all those bullet points. Instead of writing out each task in a single list, consider dividing them by each room. Cleaning your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, for example, would look something like this:


  • Scrub the window
  • Wash bedding
  • Clean under the bed
  • Vacuum the carpet


  • Wipe down all counters
  • Sweep the floor
  • Organize the pantry
  • Scrub the inside of the dishwasher


  • Scrub the toilet
  • Clean off the sink and countertop
  • Wipe down the mirror
  • Clean out the tub and shower

Breaking tasks down by room can also help you focus on one area at a time, rather than bounce around to each room at random. Being efficient is especially key if you have a busy schedule or limited energy for cleaning.

Categorize Your Chores by Difficulty

If dividing tasks by room isn’t your style, no problem! Consider listing tasks out by difficulty or time required to complete them. You can take this approach in two ways: knock out all your difficult tasks first, or zoom through your easy ones to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment quickly.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. While some people can handle a little clutter better than others, spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to give your bedroom the TLC it deserves. In addition to picking clothes, remember to add the following items to your bedroom cleaning checklist:

Living Room Cleaning Must-Do Tasks

Whenever you have guests over, your living room is often the first room they’ll see in your house or apartment. Create a good first impression by dusting down the living room ceiling and walls, shampooing the carpet, and washing your curtains. The tiny details really do matter! If you have pets or tend to eat snacks while watching TV, you should also vacuum your couch and chairs for fur and crumbs.

Additionally, remember to organize books, DVDs, crafting supplies, and other items that may hang out in the living room. Keeping those items tidy can improve the overall appearance of your living room.

Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be a daunting place during spring cleaning. From your sink and dishwasher to the refrigerator and pantry, there’s a lot to organize and clean! Fortunately, you have a few options for deep cleaning your cooking space. 

To deep clean your pantry, remove all your stored food items and check their dates. If they’re expired, throw them out. Label the rest and try to organize them alphabetically or by category (a spice rack for spices, a bin for types of flour, etc.).

Apply the same process to your fridge! It may be an unpleasant process, but removing expired food from the fridge can create more space, and make it easier to keep track of your groceries. If you have bulky cooking appliances, such as mixers or crockpots, consider keeping them in storage until you need them. That way, you can create more cabinet space!

Once you’ve organized your kitchen and pantry, it’s time to tackle cleaning appliances, such as:

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Arguably the grimiest room in your home, the bathroom should always be on your spring cleaning checklist. Without a periodic deep clean, your bathroom could become a Petri dish of bacteria, dirt, and mold. Crucial deep cleaning tactics for your bathroom include:

How to Declutter Your Garage, Basement, and Attic

The part of spring cleaning that everyone dreads has arrived. From boxes stuffed with holiday decorations to old furniture you can’t let go of, your attic, basement, and garage are the prime spots to hide away clutter. That’s why it’s critical to take the plunge and purge these spaces of items you don’t need or use. Common items that take up space in your attic, basement, or garage include:

  • Workout equipment
  • Photo album
  • Holiday decorations
  • Musical instruments
  • Old electronics
  • And more

If you can’t force yourself to donate or throw out any of the above items, however, there’s another solution: self storage. 

Become a Spring Cleaning Pro with Self Storage

Oftentimes, staying organized can make or break your spring cleaning project. If you have more belongings than places to keep them, self storage has you covered. A self storage unit creates additional space that your smaller house or apartment may lack, keeping your closets, attic, and other areas tidy.

Add Self Storage to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

When it’s time for spring cleaning, count on Central Self Storage. We offer a wide range of self storage unit sizes and features to help you stay organized. Store winter clothing in one of our 5×5 units, or convert your 10×20 unit into an extra attic or basement. 

Whatever you need self storage for during spring cleaning, you can cross decluttering off your checklist with Central Self Storage. Find a Central Self Storage facility near you today!