Safe from the Quake: Storing Your Items in Disaster-Prone Areas

young woman taking shelter from an earthquake under a table

After this year’s devastating hurricane season, the probability of earthquakes is likely higher due to the additional stress put on fault lines. Prepping for the possibility of an earthquake may not be your top priority, but if a natural disaster does strike Berkeley, CA, you’ll be glad you made the effort. Central Self Storage explains the steps required to secure belongings in homes and storage units.

Keep Everything in Its Place

Safety is the first priority. To prevent injuries from falling objects, secure heavy items to the wall or floor. From dressers to your water heater, large furniture and appliances could seriously injure household members and pets. When storing fragile items that could break and hurt someone (think: seasonal glasses), consider putting them in quilted containers with zippers or inside latched or lockable cabinets. You can install latches on existing cabinets to ensure that all your household storage is secure. Use straps or safety cables to secure appliances to walls, and place the lock on any casters and rollers to keep them firmly in place.

Consider Storage Units

Avoid clutter and minimize safety risks by placing infrequently used breakable or large items in a storage unit. Wine or glassware collections and file cabinets stuffed with old, but useful, papers are examples of household goods you may not use often but want to keep in a convenient location. Self storage is also ideal for sporting goods, business equipment, antiques, and other bulky or expensive items that could pose a safety threat during an earthquake.

Earthquake-Proof Your Storage Unit

Once you’ve chosen a storage facility in Berkeley, CA, take care to store items safely to reduce the risk of breakage or injury. If you store items on shelves, place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. In addition to preventing shelving units from becoming top-heavy, you’ll avoid the potential for large items to fall and break smaller goods – or worse yet, injure someone. Stack boxes using the same logic, with lighter boxes on top to avoid crushing items on the bottom. Wrap figurines, glasses, and other delicate items in bubble wrap, and place them inside boxes or cabinets for additional protection.

Although preventing earthquake damage altogether can be difficult, minimize the risk of costly damage and serious injuries with these tips from Central Self Storage. From bolting down furniture to renting storage units, taking the right steps can give you peace of mind. When you’re ready to start preparing, contact us to reserve a storage unit in Berkeley, CA.