Rooms You Can Turn Your Garage Into

Empty garage with door open

Have you been considering adding another room to your Arizona home, but don’t have the money for a full addition? Converting your garage into a convenient and functional living space is much more budget friendly than a full-scale addition – and you’ll save a ton of time. Garages have a tendency to become filled with belongings, other than your car. Why not make use of that wasted space? If you’re thinking about remodeling your garage, first find affordable Glendale, AZ storage units to store your stuff during the transition.

Getting Your Garage Ready

The garage typically becomes overwhelmed with clutter in a very short period of time. While basements and household storage spaces are practical places for clutter to collect, garages can sometime take the brunt of this burden. It’s spacious and convenient, and you don’t have to lug belongings up and down a flight of stairs.

Therefore, the first step in a garage conversion is clearing the space. Take this time to really inspect your things; chances are that there are plenty of items to get rid of for good. Create piles based on things to keep, things to lose and things to store in Glendale, AZ storage units. You can choose to donate, sell or trash the items you plan to get rid of. Find a place in the home – or in the potential new room – for the items you wish to keep, and rent a Central Self Storage unit for items to store.

Basics of Turning a Garage into an Additional Room

First, hiring a professional contractor is key to a successful garage conversion. Do-it-yourself methods can be dangerous and result in a poorly constructed room, which will ultimately waste money and could lower your home value. A good quality conversion could take 1 to 2 months, and can involve a variety of tasks, including:

  • Planning and design
  • Compliance with building regulations and getting planning permission
  • Replacing garage doors with stud walls
  • Adding insulation to the walls and ceiling
  • Raising the floor and adding insulation
  • Adding more electrical outlets and lights
  • Adding windows and/or doors
  • Adding plumbing and ventilation

The task list may change depending on your personal preferences and the kind of room you want. For example, if the room doesn’t need to feature plumbing, we’d strongly suggest skipping it (adding plumbing can be expensive and complicated).

What Room Do You Want?

There are endless possibilities when dreaming up a garage conversion! One of the many benefits is having the ability to plan exactly what you want. Check out some of our suggestions and start planning your dream room:

  • Man Cave
  • Game Room
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Office Space
  • Artist’s Studio
  • Home Theater (no window installation needed)

Start looking for storage units in Glendale, AZ and get your garage ready for a conversion! Central Self Storage has storage units available in a range of sizes and options for customer convenience. Start browsing today and plan your dream room!