Musical Instrument Storage in Rohnert Park, CA

three musical instruments

If you collect instruments, play in a band, or just love music, you may face the challenge of lacking adequate space in your home and consider different ways to store your instruments. Musical instruments must be kept within certain environmental conditions to ensure that they retain their sound, tone and integrity. Heat, cold and humidity take a toll on your instruments, and the damage may not be repairable.

If you need storage in Rohnert Park, CA for woodwinds, brass or stringed instruments, your best option is a Central Self Storage facility. Climate controlled Rohnert Park, CA storage units will protect the value and performance of your musical instruments and a wide range of other personal belongings.

Locating the Perfect Rohnert Park, CA Storage Units

Locating secure, climate controlled storage in Rohnert Park, CA is the first step in protecting your musical instruments. When searching, ensure that the temperatures inside the units are always kept between 50° F and 80° F without any wild fluctuations in this range. It is also a good idea to find out whether dehumidifiers are in place to control moisture. This is especially important for wooden instruments to keep them from warping.

Security, cleanliness and accessibility are also important features that Central Self Storage provides.

Preparing Musical Instruments for Storage

After you have found the perfect facility for storage in Rohnert Park, CA, it is essential that you properly prepare your instruments.

• Instruments should be cleaned and conditioned with wax or resin according to manufacturer specifications.
• Each instrument should be disassembled and put into a case specifically designed for its storage.
• Large instruments, such as pianos, should be covered with soft cloth and a water-resistant tarp.
• Inside the storage unit, keep the instruments away from doors and vents.

When you are ready to retrieve your instrument, clean and condition it again before playing or tuning. Central Self Storage has locations throughout California. Our Rohnert Park facility offers climate controlled units, and features electronic gate access and alarmed units to keep your valuable instruments safe. Contact Central Self Storage to find a storage facility near you!