Instrument Storage in a City Rich with Jazz

A person holds and plays a saxophone in front of a brightly lit background

Spring marches its way into Portland, OR in early spring, and what better way to celebrate its arrival than to attend the annual Portland Jazz Festival. This musical event comes to town each year and fills the air with sounds from both international and local jazz musicians. The Portland Jazz Festival strives to engage the community and enhance arts education each year and features 30 headline acts at multiple venues across the city. As you prepare for this event, check out our four tips on how to store your own jazz instruments or classic records at Central Self Storage.

Tips for Storing Music Equipment and Records

Creating and playing music is more than just a hobby; it is a way of life and a chance to escape. We want to help you keep your instruments and records well-protected with four simple tips and tricks for storing your items in a storage unit. From the right environment for these items to how to prepare them for long-term storage, we’ve got you covered. 

Store Musical Instruments and Records in Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Musical instruments, whether brass, string or percussion, require great care and maintenance. Since instruments and records are prone to humidity and heat damage, keeping them in a climate-controlled unit will offer better protection during short- and long-term storage. These units remain at a steady temperature throughout the entire year no matter what the weather brings to Portland. Check out our climate-controlled units today for optimal protection for your instruments and records. 

Invest in a Case for Your Guitar

A case protects your guitar from accidental dings and other damage if it tips over. Before you lock it up in its case, clean the entire guitar – including the strings and frets – to remove oils, sweat, and grime. You should also tune your guitar to keep slight tension on the neck prior to placing it into a case.

Use a Sheet to Cover Large Instruments

Instruments such as pianos and drum kits take up a lot of space in storage units, so you may have to pile other items closely around them. You can also use our storage calculator to determine how much room you need. Once you have your large instruments in the unit, cover them with a large sheet or a tarp to prevent dust buildup and protect your instrument from scratches. 

Store Smaller Instruments and Records off the Floor. 

Because brass instruments dull in appearance over time, polishing them beforehand will keep them smooth and glossy when you take them out of storage. Trombones, saxophones and trumpets should be placed in their cases and set high on a shelf. In addition, placing your records on a shelf keeps them from getting crushed by larger boxes on the floor. 

Rent Instrument and Record Storage From Central Self Storage Today

When music rings through the streets, get out and celebrate at the Portland Jazz Festival. Whether you’re a long-time resident or visiting here for the event, Central Self Storage wants to help keep your jazz instruments safe and secure. With a little preventive maintenance and climate-controlled units, your instruments will stay protected during their time in storage. Contact Central Self Storage to begin storing your instruments and records in a Portland storage unit today.