Golfing in Pleasanton, CA

golfer taking a swing

Golf in Pleasanton

Pleasanton, California is a suburb in the San Francisco Bay area that provides a balanced mix of attractive neighborhoods, unique shopping experiences and a thriving business community. Residents and visitors have a variety of different sporting and recreational choices, including a number of public and private golf courses suitable for players of every skill level.

There are three golf courses located within the city limits of Pleasanton, including the popular Pleasanton Golf Center. The facility is the perfect venue for beginners or those looking to work on their game. Anyone considering taking up golf will need some basic gear in order to play the game properly. Since players tend to acquire more equipment over time, it is helpful to learn about different storage options at Central Self Storage in Pleasanton, CA.

Storing Your Equipment

Quality golf clubs represent a significant investment, so it is important to store your golf equipment properly. Vehicle trunks are the worst place for delicate clubs since they are easily scratched with movement. Excessive heat can degrade the adhesive used to affix the club head to the shaft. Heat also dries out grips more quickly. A garage is only a slightly better alternative. Cars and other items compete for space, and a set of golf clubs can get damaged if stored improperly.

Pleasanton, CA storage units provide a secure place to store your bag, clubs and other golf equipment. For both the active and casual golfer, self storage in Pleasanton, CA provides security and peace of mind for your golfing valuables.

Central Self Storage in Pleasanton offers some units with climate control, which helps eliminate the potential damage caused by high heat and humidity. Replacing golf gear can be expensive, and self storage is a great option for keeping your golf equipment and other valuables safe, secure and accessible.

Pleasanton, CA storage facilities are conveniently located for easy access to your golf gear and other sports equipment. Contact Central Self Storage today and keep your home and garage free of clutter with a self storage unit.