DIY Baseball Hat Storage Ideas

baseball hat storage

Whether you’re a hat collector or a coach for a Little League baseball team, it pays to have proper baseball hat storage to keep from cluttering your home—we all know that space is a premium in the Bay Area. Even if your closets are full, there are several ways to store your hats without taking up much room. With these unique baseball hat storage ideas, you can showcase your hats and keep them stored neatly in your home or Central Self Storage in Alameda, CA.

3 Unique Baseball Hat Storage Ideas

Use a hanger and hooks.

Got a spare clothes hanger in the closet? Grab it, and attach a few shower hooks to it. Now all you have to do is loop the hats onto the hooks and place the hanger back in the closet. Better yet, you can hang it on a hat rack by the door. This combo is perfect for organizing your hats in one spot and keeping them from wrinkling and flattening when thrown on the floor.

Store hats in small cubicles.

Look no further than storage cubes for your hat storage. Storage cubes are usually one square foot and used for storing everything from yarn to miscellaneous items. They work great for storing and organizing baseball hats and fit inside wood cubbies. You can set the cubbies up in your bedroom, closet or even a storage unit to make extra space for smaller items.

Line them up in a drawer.

Stores display their hats in rows with each hat snugged into the next one. You can do the same by lining up the hats in a dresser drawer. If it’s a large drawer, it’s possible to line up the hats in three rows, giving you storage for at least 30 hats. The drawer not only keeps the hats neat and organized but also protects them from dust and other debris.

Baseball Hat Storage Made Simple at Central

Hangers, hooks and cubicles make great hat storage for your collectibles or team hats. If you can’t find the space for them, let Central Self Storage help. We provide smaller storage units for keeping your hats, baseball gear and other sports equipment organized and out of the way. And our Alameda storage facility on Sherman Street is equipped with the units you need at prices you can afford. Reserve your unit today!