Choosing the Right Lock for Your Self Storage Unit

single padlock with a bunch of keys on wood surface

When you store valuable items or sensitive materials in Olathe, KS storage units, you want to be sure they are safe and secure. Besides choosing a reliable self storage company, the most important way you can ensure their safety is to choose a quality lock. The following guide can help you pick a durable lock that best meets your needs.

Types of Self Storage Locks

Every storage unit is different, so before you shop, take a look at your unit’s door, or ask the facility’s manager what types of locks will fit properly. Here is a brief overview of the main types of locks you’ll find available for storage units.

Disc locks are widely considered one of the most secure types of locks. They’re similar to regular padlocks but are made in a round shape that makes it extremely difficult for would-be thieves to cut through them with bolt cutters.

U-shaped padlocks are the most common locks used on storage unit doors, and you can find them almost anywhere. They’re the least expensive option, and they’re also the least secure. A more reliable alternative is the closed-shackle padlock; this design keeps most of the shackle covered, so it’s more difficult to reach it with a bolt cutter or saw.

Combination locks rely on a series of numbers dialed in the correct sequence to disengage the locking mechanism. Although they’re convenient for people who tend to lose or forget keys, they’re not a good choice if you have valuable items stored in your unit. In general, combination locks are easier to pick and break than other types of locks.

Cylinder locks are the familiar flat locks used to secure home entry doors. Although they’re quite reliable and difficult to pick, using one on a storage unit requires permission from the rental company and proper installation of the lock. Only certain sizes will fit, so if you prefer a cylinder lock, discuss the matter with the storage facility manager when you first rent the unit.

More Tips for Secure, Safe Olathe KS Storage Units

Your lock will only keep your belongings safe if you use it correctly. Be sure that you always check the lock before leaving your self storage unit. Never give or loan a key to anyone you don’t fully trust. If the lock’s key can be duplicated, you could end up with unwelcome guests. You should also avoid giving out a lock’s numerical combination unless you can change the sequence immediately afterward. At Central Self Storage in Olathe, KS, you are provided a unique access code that we don’t advise you give away to others. Additional security includes 24-hour surveillance and a resident manager. But with a good, strong lock and a little common sense, your stored items will stay safe and sound.