Calling Your Dorm Room “Home”

Young couple moving into dorm room smiling at camera

Berkeley, California is a place known for its investment in education. With school right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of your own investment in education – especially with your dorm room. Central Self Storage wants to help make the move a little easier with these tips on how to transform your dorm room to your “home” and how self storage can help you along the way.

Focus on What Matters

It’s easy to get carried away by stores offering various innovative dorm accessories. However, you just need to focus on two main points. First, you need a space where you can sleep and work comfortably. This means a functional desk and a chair that you’ll be able to sit in for extended amounts of time. Second, look into buying a foam pad to place on your mattress; even a thin addition can increase your comfort tremendously. Keep these tips at the forefront of your mind as you shop for the upcoming school year so you don’t get carried away on the unnecessary.

Light It Up

Dorm room lighting is universally inadequate. But here’s the great news – this is quite possibly the only time in your entire life that you will not be paying for utilities in the place you live. Add some fun light sources, like string lights, rope lights, floor lamps or desk lamps. You can’t really go wrong with lighting. Also, smaller lights come in handy when your roommate wants to go to bed but you still have a ten page paper to finish. Not only will lighting open up your space, but it will make it more functional.

Take a Seat

When buying for your dorm room, think about what life will be like there. For most people, dorm rooms included people coming and going all the time, and they’re not exactly known for their seating options. Now’s your chance to come up with creative seating arrangements. Having a rug helps because people are more apt to sit on it rather than cold tile or dirty carpet. Beanbags, poufs, and floor pillows are all great options and stow away very easily. Pretty soon your room will be the place to hang.

Be Choosy with Your DIY

Do-it-yourself projects add great personality and taste to a space. Not only that, but you’ll feel accomplished after completing them. Be sure not to go overboard, though. Many times DIY projects can be pretty bold and it’s best to find a few favorites rather than turning your room into a do-it disaster.

Keep It Simple

Dorm rooms have limited space, so the number one rule is to downsize – everything. Take the time before you leave home to go through each item and decide whether you will use it or not. Sometimes it takes being there to figure out what you use or don’t use, too. Either way, self storage can be your life saver. Before you move to the dorms, use self storage to hold on to some larger items that you’re not sure you’ll need but still want to keep around. It’s easy to get them down the road if things change. Once you move into your new space you might realize that you brought way too much and things are becoming cluttered. If that’s the case, then our Berkeley location can hold some of your belongings while you enjoy living in a whole new place and making the most of it.

Moving into the dorms gives you the chance to express yourself in your very own space. Remember to focus on the places that matter, like your bed and desk. Keep your room functional while creating the space you envision. Most importantly though, keep self storage on hand so you never feel like your drowning in your belongings. As you experience new things and make new memories, let Central Self Storage help you along the way.