Where to Store Your Boat in Olathe, KS


Boats are a unique and relaxing way to have fun, spend time with your friends and family, and enjoy yourself. But boats are large and bulky, and it can be difficult to find a place to keep it out of the way, especially in the offseason. Whether you enjoy boating at Smithville Lake, the Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake in Branson, or any number of smaller nearby waterways, you can turn to Central Self Storage for short-term and long-term boat storage in Olathe, KS.

Short-Term Boat Storage

If you are a routine boat user, storing your boat in your driveway or even your street offers maximum convenience. If you decide to store your boat there for a few days, make sure that you clean it, remove any excess water from its surfaces, and top it off with fuel so that you are ready to go for your next trip.

Do keep in mind, though, that storing your boat on your driveway or street isn’t ideal for the long term. Storing it in your driveway takes up valuable space, while storing it on the street opens your boat to damage from passing vehicles. As a result, if you want maximum security for your boat, store it at your local Central Self Storage facility.

Long-Term Boat Storage

A self storage facility is an ideal place for your long-term boat storage. Not only will it free up space and prevent your watercraft from most external damage possibilities, but it will also allow for space to winterize your boat. Thanks to cold Kansas winters, motorized boats require winterization.

The appropriate steps to winterization vary depending on the type of boat and engine. You may need to change fluids, replace certain filters, clean bilges, lubricate cylinders and fill the gas tank. A large vessel might have water or sewage tanks that you must empty and winterize. And if you don’t know how to prepare a vessel for cold weather, consider paying a reputable repair shop or dealer to thoroughly winterize it or perform other needed maintenance.

Also, consider investing in high-quality boat and wheel covers. They’ll protect your equipment from snow, rain, bird droppings, and harsh sunlight.

The Best Boat Storage in Olathe, KS

Whether your boat can fit in one of our larger drive-up units or you need one of our purpose-built boat parking spots, Central Self Storage in Olathe, KS, offers the boat storage options you need. If you’ve ever wondered where to store your boat, you can stop wondering: our facility is clean, our staff friendly, and our prices competitive. What are you waiting for? Drop by or hop online to reserve your unit today!