What Storage Auctions are Really Like


In the world of reality television, storage auctions are action-packed events. Fierce rivalries between super-competitive bidders erupt into name-calling, and storage unit finds range from truly weird to highly valuable or even downright gross. Real-life auctions can certainly be entertaining, but that’s where the similarities end. At Central Self Storage, with a facility in Portland, OR, and other cities, we’re here to explain what a storage auction is really like.

Real Life Is Less Rude

Storage auctions can be a lot of fun. A great personality is a must for a good auctioneer, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear some lively banter. As for rivalries, though, the TV versions can get ugly. At an actual storage auction, things are a lot more civilized. Most facilities give you till the end of the next business day to clear out your storage unit. They may require a cleaning deposit, but it is refundable once you show that your unit is clean and empty. Winning bidders are also encouraged to return photographs or pieces of personal identification, and self storage facilities may facilitate the exchange of these items with the unit’s original owner.

There’s Also Less Drama

Just as the drama is amped up for the sake of good television, the items reality TV bidders find are often incredibly strange, rare, or valuable. While you have a good chance of finding something intriguing, many items are of the everyday variety. And there are no experts on standby waiting to appraise your oddball items for free.

Online Auctions Are a Thing

Although being there in person is a great experience, online auctions allow you to bid on units whether you’re in Portland, OR, or Peoria, IL. You don’t have to drive across town, pay for gas, or even get dressed. And if the weather is bad, you’ll still have a chance to bid on your storage locker of choice. Photos of visible items will give you a good idea of what’s up for auction—just as if you were there. You may have as many as 72 hours to pay for your unit; check with the facility for details.

If you’ve never bid on a storage unit, give it a try! Storage auctions can be both entertaining and profitable. Need a unit for your own belongings? Contact Central Self Storage today. We have your storage needs met in Portland, OR, and many more communities around the U.S.