Storage Unit Essentials: What to Buy to Stay Organized

Colorful organizational boxes stacked on top of each other

Storage units are the ideal choice for keeping your things safe and secured away from home. However, a unit is an empty slate waiting for you to accessorize it with shelves, bins, and racks. Whether you’re using self storage in Olathe, KS for the short or long term, Central Self Storage has you covered with three necessary items to keep your unit nice and organized.

3 Items that Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets work great for storing and organizing smaller items in your unit. Use them for storing clothing, shoes, and miscellaneous items. Cotton baskets are perfect for clothing whereas plastic baskets are more durable and stackable, making them perfect for storing your DVDs, electronics, photo albums, and other breakables or sensitive items.

Storage Shelves

You can’t beat storage shelves in your unit. Freestanding shelves extend your storage space and let you organize books, decor, documents, and more. Many people forget about the vertical space in a storage unit, which is important in maximizing your space. With storage shelves, you can get things off the floor and easily within reach at eye level. Just don’t stack too many items on the shelves, as they could tip over if they’re not made for freestanding.

Storage Racks

If you have clothes on hangers, you should consider bringing a few storage racks into your unit. Some people lay the clothing flat on a surface, but hanging your shirts, dresses, or jackets is a much better storage solution. Hanging them also reduces wrinkles and keeps them off other boxes. Some storage bins are made for hanging. If you combine them with racks, you’ll gain even more space and keep all your clothing organized.

Stay Organized With Self Storage

Placing your belongings in storage units is only half of the job. The other half is organizing everything and keeping your unit nice and tidy. With storage baskets, shelves, and racks, you can keep everything organized and right where you need it. If you’ve rented a unit in Olathe, KS, let us help you go over any accessories or other items that will make it easy to keep your things in their proper place.