Tips for Book Storage

Tips for book storage

Have you run out of room in your home library? Books are bulky and take up space, and if you have lots of books that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t have space for, the’ve got to go somewhere. When it’s time to find more book storage, you’re in luck. We have a few book storage tips to get you started on storing and protecting your collection properly at your local Central Self Storage facility. Whether they’re hardcovers or paperback books, these tips will help keep them safe and in tip-top shape for the next time you open them.

Book Storage Done the Right Way

Wrap them carefully.

One of the best book storage tips to keep in mind is wrapping your books before placing them in a storage unit. You don’t want dust and debris to cover your prized book collection. Try wrapping them in a soft cloth or paper towels. This material will keep off the dust without damaging the covers. Once they’re covered, place them in a plastic, waterproof storage container–cardboard boxes aren’t as ideal because they don’t protect against moisture as well.

Stack books vertically.

When you stack them, make sure to set them up vertically in the container. You’ll want the paper edges to face upward. Storing them vertically will help the books to retain their shape while in storage. Just make sure not to pack them in the box too tightly. Otherwise, it could cause warping in the spines.

Put them in climate controlled storage.

Heat and humidity can damage your book collection. It’s best to store your books in a climate controlled storage unit. These units monitor the airflow and temperature, keeping it consistent no matter the season. The air quality will be much better, so you won’t see as much dust covering your books. They also keep out troublesome pests that could feast on the pages.

Keep Your Books Safe at Central Self Storage

You don’t want heat, cold, and humidity to damage your entire book collection. That’s why you should store your collection in a climate controlled storage unit. You can keep your books in storage bins and place them neatly in the unit or set up bookshelves and create your personal and private library away from home. At Central Self Storage, you’ll find a climate controlled storage unit near you for your books and whatever else you need to store. Find a unit today!