January 12: Clean Off Your Desk Day

cluttered desk

It’s a brand new year and time to take control of that cluttered office. Whether you celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day with convenient Tempe, AZ self storage or affordable storage in Glendale, AZ, here are five great tips for reclaiming your work space.

Stop Pushing Papers

  • The digital age won’t ever eliminate paper records, but why let bulky file cabinets rule your office space? A climate controlled storage unit keeps all your important documents in one location for easy access. Eliminate the paper chase by filing off-site.

Free Your Desktop

  • It’s not a library for company manuals or a display counter for small equipment. Move clutter off the desk to shelving in a nearby Tempe, AZ self storage unit. Getting organized lets you reclaim valuable desk space and your workday sanity.

Let Furniture Breathe

  • Empty bookcases, extra chairs and unused workstations are too valuable to throw away, so save them for future business plans. One trip to a Central Self Storage facility frees up crowded corners and closets. Hold on to those fixtures for another day.

Secure Expensive Equipment

  • Surplus computers, servers and printers represent a big investment, and they deserve secure self storage in Glendale, AZ. Let high-tech surveillance and personal keypad access protect the electronic tools of your trade.

Indulge in Inventory

  • Office floor space comes at a premium price, so don’t give it up to new inventory. Increase your buying power with inexpensive self storage, and save great deals from being stuffed under desks or shoved into crowded closets.

Resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep, but you can conquer clutter with a smart self storage strategy. Start your own New Year’s tradition with a clean desk, and turn that office chaos into a work space that gets things done. Contact Central Self Storage today to find an affordable storage solution for you!