How to Store Your Business Records and Files

Business Storage

Even with the rise of electronic documents, paper filing has not gone away. Businesses in Boise, ID, still rely on paper for contracts, project records, tax information, payroll checks and more. It doesn’t take long for all of this paper to pile up, lead to clutter and lack of storage in the office. This in turn puts a damper on employee morale, not to mention puts a kink in work efficiency.

Central Self Storage has the easy solution when your filing cabinets and paper records overtake your business. Climate-controlled storage units give you a place to store sensitive information and protect it over the long term. In addition, you can use private units to store backup hard drives and other important business items to save space in your place.

Selecting a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Our storage facility caters to the needs of businesses in Boise. Whether it’s a 5-by-5-foot or 300-square-foot storage unit, we offer the right amount of space for your office documents, filing cabinets and supplies. For paper document storage, a smaller interior unit with temperature control works best. It shields your documents from the sun, heat, cold and humidity, all of which have damaging effects on paper.

Keeping Your Documents Organized

You may want to retrieve certain files after they’re stored, so organize your storage space with labeled filing cabinets and shelves for easy in-and-out. Place the storage cabinets around the interior perimeter, leaving a clear space in the middle for accessing your files from all sides. Here are some more tips to storing your records.

Tips for Storing Paper Documents

  • Wet paper promotes mold growth, so keep your documents dry as they go in the storage unit.
  • Store important documents toward the front of the unit for easier access.
  • Label every folder, box and filing drawer, and organize it all by year and type.
  • Make sure to include a “check-in/check-out” sign-in list so you know who has grabbed what.
  • Keep your documents elevated on tables, pallets or shelves in case of flooding.

Convenient Storage Options for Businesses

Storing everything in your office takes up valuable workspace. Central Self Storage can help you find the right storage unit for your paper documents, hard drives and other important items so you can back to business. Give us a call to find the perfect unit for your company today!