How to Store Holiday Lights Without Tangles

A woman holding a string of tangled lights

If pulling apart strands of entangled holiday lights isn’t your idea of a festive afternoon, vow to make next Christmas a different story. Proper holiday storage will help reduce stress during a time when your to-do list is longer than your arm. Central Self Storage, offering storage units in Olathe, KS, and other communities, offers these tips to help keep winter break focused on family—not those maddening strands of tangled lights taking up space in your attic.

DIY Holiday Light Storage

Although those aisles of holiday-themed storage containers can be tempting, skip the local home-goods store and create your own storage containers for holiday lights. Save your money for gifts and goodies by going the DIY route. You’ll find everything you need for effective holiday storage in your own home or storage unit. As a bonus, you won’t have to find space for yet another colorful plastic tote.

Store Lights Using Everyday Items

Clothes hangers work well for smaller strands of lights. Wrap the lights around the top and bottom of the hanger. Your lights won’t tangle, and this method takes up very little room. There’s also no digging through containers; you’ll be able to spot your lights right away. A piece of cardboard offers another convenient way to store holiday lights. Cut a large square or rectangle from a box; with gift-buying season in full swing, you’ll probably have your pick of these. Cut notches on both sides and wrap your lights around the cardboard. Choosing a piece at least 12 inches long helps keep lights separated.

On a Roll with Holiday Lights

Cylinders are also perfect for storing Christmas tree lights. Newspapers and paper-towel rolls are compact and help keep your lights untangled. Taping or gluing multiple rolls together allows you to store longer strands; just be sure the roll is strong enough to hold the lights in place while in storage after winter break.

Choose Central for Olathe Holiday Storage

Keeping your Christmas tree lights neatly wrapped prevents hassles when next year’s winter break rolls around. Whether you opt for professional holiday storage or stash your decorations in your basement or attic, you’ll be glad you took the time to store your holiday lights properly. If you need a place to keep holiday items and everyday belongings out of the way but within easy reach, count on Central Self Storage. We offer safe, conveniently located storage units in Olathe, KS, and other locations around the United States. Rent a unit today!