How to Properly Store Your Model Airplanes

Man assembling model airplane

At the heart of California’s agricultural Central Valley, is the thriving city of Merced, California where friendly small town living still exists. As a great place for families to work and live, Merced attracts a variety of new residents and visitors on a regular basis. Now that school is out for the summer, you and your family may be looking for nearby attractions or a summertime hobby. Find inspiration at the nearby Castle Air Museum, one of the largest aviation museums on the West Coast. With nearly 70 restored vintage military aircraft on display from various periods, it’s easy to be inspired by the large collection. While you may not be bringing any life-size aircrafts home with you, there’s no reason you can’t start your own model plane collection this summer!

When your collection starts to take over your household space, use these storage tips from Central Self Storage to keep your model airplanes in their best condition.

Inventory Your Airplane Collection

Creating an inventory of your collection can be helpful for a variety of reasons. You’ll be able to keep track of the model planes you have, know which ones are stored, and if you ever decide to pass your collection on to a friend or family member, they’ll have detailed information on each model plane.

  • Take a photo of each model plane. Place the photos in an album to protect their quality.
  • Create a spreadsheet that lists the name of each plane and give each one a corresponding number.
  • Add columns that feature the information you find most important. This could include the date of creation, materials used, weak spots, special memories, and storage location.
  • After your list is complete, go back through the photo album and add the corresponding number to each plane’s photo.
  • Keep your inventory accurate by updating information every time you build a new plane.

Preparing Models for Storage

Properly preparing your model planes for self storage is vital to ensuring they stay in great condition.

Cleaning is the first – and most important – step. Use a low-suction vacuum hose with a soft, small brush attachment. Avoid touching smaller parts with the vacuum, as this could damage them. If there is dirt that won’t come off with a vacuum, use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe it away. Never use any chemicals! They can harm the paint and leave residue on your plane.

After a thorough cleaning, wrap your planes and spare parts in acid-free tissue paper and place in acid-free boxes for storage. Or, you can store your planes in plastic tubs lined with plain linen muslin. Placing silica gel packets or drying packets in each box will help keep moisture away from the paint for added protection.

Choosing the Correct Storage Unit

Consider how large your collection is and determine how much space you need. As your collection grows, you can invest in a larger unit, but it’s fine to start small with room to grow. After deciding on a size that works for you, the next thing to consider is unit features. Climate controlled storage units are essential for protecting the temperature sensitive elements that model planes are made of – like wood and paint. When looking for a Merced, California storage unit, make sure to choose a facility that has climate control. A climate controlled unit will keep the humidity levels stable and offer protection from excessive moisture.

Building model planes is the perfect hobby for families – or individuals – to pick up over the summer. Get started on your first plane this summer, and grow your collection for years to come. Whether you’re new to the art of building model planes or are a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from knowing how to properly store a model plane collection. Find a climate controlled storage unit in your area, and create a collection that will be in great condition for years. Contact a Central Self Storage facility near you today!