Get Organized Week!

storage boxes for organization

Embarking on a major household organization project is easier said than done. In many cases, the task seems overwhelming because there is too much accumulated stuff and not enough space to move things around. It may be helpful to visit a Kansas City, KS self storage facility to see what storage options are offered for valuable, climate-sensitive items.

Establish a Plan

Logically, the first step would be to determine where things can go as you classify them. Prepare three spots and label them as discards, donations, and stuff for storage. Anything that is broken or is missing some parts should immediately be consigned to the discard pile. Get rid of this pile as quickly as your garbage collection schedule allows.

Items that are still functional but no longer useful to you should go to the donation pile. Take these items to the nearest donation drop off or schedule a pick-up with any number of charitable organizations in your area. File your donation receipts in your tax-related folder as qualified donations could lower your tax bill for the year.

For items of sentimental or economic value, consider using Central Self Storage units in Kansas City, KS to store these items. Central Self Storage offers clean, secure, affordable storage in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, MO.

Stick to a Schedule

Plan on spending a specific amount of time daily on your de-cluttering and organizing project. Have a reachable goal for the day, even if it’s only emptying and organizing the linen closet. Be patient and methodical; remember that it took years to accumulate this much stuff! If you need a break from organizing, take the items slated for storage to your Kansas City, KS self storage unit and make sure to keep that space organized as you transfer items into it.

Use Storage Units in Kansas City, KS

Get Organized Week means making a commitment to de-clutter your household and to find a place for the things you would like to keep. Don’t just move clutter from one place to another – make sure everything in your storage unit is appropriately packaged, labeled and systematically arranged so you can easily retrieve is as needed.

Start getting organized today by contacting Central Self Storage to find a storage facility near you! Call 877-902-9992 to find out more about unit rates and availability.