Foldaway Storage for Small Spaces

Harassed girl with her arms full of stuff

Feeling cramped in student housing isn’t helpful for University of California students who need a clutter-free area to study in. Neither is sharing a small off-campus apartment with a gazillion roommates. Researchers at Princeton actually found that physical clutter has a negative impact on a person’s ability to focus and process information. That makes it more important than ever for college students to keep their living space organized. But how do you make the most of such small spaces? University of California students can find relief from the crazy clutter by seeking Central Self Storage in Merced, CA. For smaller storage options, try some of our foldaway storage solutions for your cramped quarters

Under The Bed Storage

Most dorm rooms come equipped with bunk beds, which already helps create extra space in the room. For those rooms that don’t have bunk bed, under the bed storage boxes come in handy. Whether you need to store clothing or extra school supplies, specialized boxes fit perfectly under the bed. Bed risers can also help create even more space under your bed so you have room for larger items.

Hanging Storage

Utilizing the vertical spaces in your room is a great way to organize and de-clutter. Use a double hang closet rod to use all the space in your closet, or over-the-door hooks to hang a variety of items. You can also use the plastic pocket shoe racks to store items other than shoes. Or even hide a jewelry holder behind a painting.

Furniture Storage

Lots of furniture items have secret storage spaces, like ottomans that double as containers. Using these dual-purpose pieces can help you keep things hidden in plain sight. Another great furniture item? Foldaway beds. These would work best for off-campus housing.

Desk Storage

Small item storage like desk organizers can clean up a crowded desk in no time. Besides just pen holders or paper sorters, consider getting a desk addition that you can use for shelving.

There are a number of creative ways to get your dorm room organized. For extra help, storage units in Merced, CA are there to help. Central Self Storage offers affordable pricing for a variety of storage unit sizes. Figure out what storage unit size you need and keep your study are clutter-free with the help of self storage in Merced, CA.