Extra Space for the Holidays


The holidays are an exciting time, but can be crowded, especially if you are hosting parties or out of town guests. One way to free up some space in your home and get a little privacy for present-wrapping activities is to utilize self storage in Alameda, CA. Central Self Storage offers you a temporary space saver that can last as long as you need it to. Here are three ways Alameda, CA self storage can help you this holiday season.

Make room for holiday decorations.

Some families have to rearrange their space in order to accommodate the festive, once-a-year addition of holiday decor. With self storage in Alameda, CA, you can quickly and easily move some of your furniture and other property to a storage unit so there’s plenty of room for all the decorations you enjoy. After the holidays, your storage unit is the perfect spot to stash decorations, artificial Christmas trees and other seasonal fare.

Create a quick guest bedroom.

If you’re going to have family or friends staying with you during the holidays, a self storage unit can allow you to clear out a room or home office so they have a comfortable, private area to stay.

Store and wrap presents.

Kids are like super spies during the holiday season. No place in your house is safe from their prying eyes. If you store their presents in a storage unit, not only can you ensure they don’t get a sneak preview of Christmas morning, but you can also create a roomy wrapping station within the storage unit itself. Bring scissors, paper, tape, bows, boxes and ribbon and leave them in the unit along with your presents. Then, when you’re ready to start wrapping, everything you need will be right there.

This holiday season, make things a little easier on yourself and your family by renting an Alameda, CA self storage unit. Central Self Storage has a variety of storage unit sizes and options to fit all of your storage needs. Contact Central Self Storage to find a storage facility near you!