A Self Storage Lock Buying Guide

a disc lock on a blue self storage door

Self storage serves a great purpose: It gives you extra space away from home for your belongings. Although storage facilities in Belton, MO, take security very seriously, not all come with their own locks. Therefore, you’ll need to provide a lock for your personal storage unit. Which lock offers the greatest security is up for debate, but we hope to make your choice an easier one going forward.

3 Types of Storage Locks


A padlock has a U-shaped metal bar at the top that connects to a square, rectangular or circular locking mechanism. Some use combinations and dials; others use keys. They’re fairly inexpensive to purchase and easy to break with bolt cutters. However, there are some more expensive padlocks on the market that offer greater durability and security.

Disc Locks

A disc lock gets its name from its disc-like shape. It’s similar to a padlock but has a small U-shaped bar, making it harder to break with a bolt cutter. A disc lock comes with a key to unlock it; you won’t need to memorize a combination. These locks are ideal for storage units as they provide excellent security and are difficult to cut away from the door.

Chain Locks

Chain locks consist of two pieces: a long chain and a locking mechanism. They’re similar to padlocks as they come with keys, dials, or both. A chain lock is easy to break with a bolt cutter, making it the least secure option for a storage unit. These locks work best for securing bicycles to a bike rack.

Central Self Storage is the Secure Choice

To defend your items in Belton, MO, we provide 24-hour security and gates. Though all of us at Central Self Storage believe in providing the best security for our customers, we suggest you also get a lock as added protection. We hope that choosing the right lock will prove beneficial – you never know what threat may pop up. If you’re storing valuables or sentimental belongings, securing your Belton storage unit will give you peace of mind.