Tips to Help You Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

A couple loads a moving van with boxes.

It’s not your usual change of address. A long-distance move is a big project, but smart planning streamlines the experience. Whether you’re relocating from California to the East Coast or moving from Minneapolis to Portland, OR, self storage earns a solid place on this list of 10 cross-country moving tips.

10 Moving Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Go with the Season: Moving companies stay busiest during the summer. Schedule your long-distance transition for cooler months, and negotiate an off-season price for the move.

2. Get an In-Home Estimate: Plan in advance to schedule an in-home moving estimate. This strategy lets you fine-tune your budget and minimize unexpected charges.

3. Start Downsizing Now: Don’t try to take it all with you. Make a list of things you can donate to local charities, and save the best stuff for a weekend garage sale.

4. Pack Like a Pro: Get a jump on packing at your local self storage facility. It’s a great resource for all kinds of supplies, from boxes and bubble wrap to tape and labels.

5. Inventory Your Boxes: Keep packed belongings straight with an inventory. Save rummaging through dozens of boxes by transferring the list to your smartphone.

6. Reserve Storage There: Stay organized by leasing storage close to your new address. A unit nearby gives you room to park boxes you’re not ready to unpack while you’re settling in.

7. Reserve Storage Here: While you’re reserving space with a storage company, lease an extra unit close to your current home. Use it to keep packed boxes out of the way until the big move.

8. Synch a To-Do List: Synchronize your to-do list with your schedule. Set up calendar alerts for finalizing moving dates, leasing storage units, and turning off utilities.

9. Do It Online: Save time by doing as much as you can online. Lease storage units, change your address, and take care of utilities from the comfort of your home.

10. Virtually Visit the New Place: Visit your new hometown’s web page, and check out travel site reviews too. Find out where the locals like to eat, drink, and play, and you’ll know where to go to join the fun.

Make It a Smooth Move

There’s so much to do when you’re planning a long-distance transition. With storage units in Portland, OR and all across the nation, we’re positioned to make your cross-country relocation a smooth move. Wherever you’re headed, you can count on Central Self Storage.