Prepare to Amaze at the Tempe Festival of the Arts

These vibrant arts and crafts can be stored in Tempe, AZ until your next show.

Your creativity longs to make the leap from hungry artist to well-fed entrepreneur. Your destiny fires up on April 8, and your destination is the Tempe Festival of the Arts. Craft a strategy for artisan success with advanced planning, a touch of smart marketing and storage strategies that make Tempe, AZ art lovers your newest fan base.

Get Ready Ahead of Time

Hundreds of artists flock to Mill Street for this amazing weekend, and you can navigate the festival like a pro when you’re organized ahead of time. Do you specialize in ceramics? Start packing your wares now in easy-to-tote plastic bins. Are you designing special displays? Keep them simple to set up and break down. Are you running out of room? Storage units are every master craftsman’s best friend, so give yourself extra space before opening day. Save runs back to the house by making your self-storage space a staging area for the festival weekend.

Get Set to Show Off

You want to stand out from the competition without sticking out. Go semi-pro by making an impression that conveys a commitment to your craft. Think of your booth as a gallery for displaying your very best work. Don’t fill shelves with everything you do. Instead, spotlight those things that make you special. A cluttered space slows down traffic, so give buyers breathing room with an inviting atmosphere that shows off your talent. Once you’ve set everything up, step outside, and look back in. View your space through the eyes of a potential customer.

Go For Fun and Profit

While the Tempe Festival of Arts celebrates creativity, it’s also about turning your talent into a weekend revenue stream. Stay competitive with reasonable pricing, and be prepared to accept cash or credit. Consider converting your smartphone into a cash register with a credit card reader. Customers appreciate the convenience, and they also enjoy a warm greeting and brief introduction. Don’t pounce with business cards and a promotional pitch. Your artistry makes the sale, so be ready to restock your shelves with plenty of backup inventory in nearby storage.

This is your chance to turn talent into an experience that pays off. The only thing more exciting than your first art festival is the next one. When you make affordable storage units a part of your artistic game plan, our Central Self Storage facilities in Tempe, AZ are always just down the road to help you grow that creative spirit.