How Do I Prep My Lawn Mower for Winter?


Grass-cutting season is coming to an end in Kansas City, KS, so it’s time to prep your mower for storage. If you don’t store it properly, it might not start in time to cut your grass this spring. If you don’t want to have to invest in costly repairs—or even a brand new mower—pay attention to the following tips to keep that blade sharp and the engine clean for your lawn’s first cut of the year.

4 Tips for Lawn Mower Storage

Empty the Gas Tank

You may think you’re saving money by leaving gasoline in the tank over the cold months, but you’re actually doing more harm than good. Because of the way gasoline breaks down over time, leaving it in the tank can really cause damage to the engine as particles separate and the fuel’s chemistry changes. Before you park the mower for the year, run it one last time—preferably to mulch any leaves on your lawn to create nutritious food for your grass this fall.

Remove the Mower Blade

After emptying the gas tank and before draining the oil, go ahead and remove the mower blade, especially if you’ll be storing the mower outside or in a shed. This will help keep it from developing rust or other issues. Be careful not to cut yourself. This is also a great time to go ahead and sharpen the blade, too, so that it’s ready to cut your lawn next spring.

Drain the Old Engine Oil

With the blade now safely stored, go ahead and drain the old engine oil. Running your mower with dirty oil takes a toll on the engine and can shorten the life of your mower. Make preparing for spring a little easier by draining the oil now. Once you’ve emptied it into a safe basin, go ahead and take it to a recycling center to dispose of it safely. Don’t just dump it on the ground! That’s bad for the environment.

Clean the Undercarriage

After a long season of keeping your lawn short, there’s probably a lot of debris and gunk inside the undercarriage. Whether it’s mud, dried grass, or other debris, go ahead and scrape it out. Be sure to get around the axles of the wheels as well. Finally, spray the undercarriage with rust protectant to ensure moisture damage doesn’t cause any issues.

Self Storage for Your Lawn Mower

If you don’t have a spot to keep your mower over the winter, you may want to look at a self storage unit. If you’re looking to have the best lawn in Kansas City, KS, you’ll want to have your mower working properly right away. A self storage unit can keep it protected from the elements and make sure it’s in great working order for next spring. Central Self Storage is here with extra space if you’re lacking room in your garage and need lawn mower storage for the fall and winter seasons.