How Central Self Storage Can Help Your Business During Covid-19

A woman checking on her small business inventory.

Covid-19 has, at minimum, disrupted the lives of nearly everyone. Individual businesses and even entire industries have shut down overnight as the effect of stay-at-home orders compounds on millions of Americans. Businesses have been forced to make difficult decisions, as layoffs and furloughs have been often necessary in order to continue with changing or reduced revenue.

But even in this unprecedented and unpredictable environment, businesses still need solutions to their problems. In some cases, those needs have changed drastically in scope, and for others their needs has changed drastically in terms of size.

At Central Self Storage, we’ve always strived to not only be a storage solution to students, residents, and businesses, but an important tool in their arsenal that they can use to thrive and grow. During the coronavirus crisis, we’re still committed to helping out businesses however we can in the midst of stay-at-home orders.

We’re Still Here For You

Many of our customers have asked us “is self storage an essential business?” The short answer is that, yes, Central Self Storage is either an essential business or a business that can maintain minimum basic operations in all eight states in which we operate. We’re still here for you: our current customers can come by and access items as long as they adhere to social distancing best practices.

However, we are also taking steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All of our offices remain open with a “Behind the Glass” approach: Customers will not be allowed inside the office but are able to drop off payments, rent units and get assistance as needed. New and existing customers can also rent and pay for units online, or come to a self-service kiosk—available at every location—to do so in person.

Flexible Business Solutions

Central Self Storage is well-positioned to help your business weather the storm of this crisis. Whether you need additional storage or a temporary space for items you didn’t expect to store, our storage units are ideal for sudden need. Leases are on month-to-month contracts, making it easy to change your unit or move out should your needs change. We also don’t require deposits for any of our units.

Central Is Ready to Do What We Can

For businesses that have sudden storage needs, residents looking to downsize, or students who have unexpected storage needs due to early school closings, Central Self Storage can help. Our managers are still standing by ready to assist and answer any questions. Just contact the nearest location to you via phone or web if you need us.