Are Storage Startups The New Garage Startups?

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During the last three decades, hundreds of very successful companies have been created by entrepreneurs near San Jose, CA.  Many businesses that currently earn billions of dollars in revenue each year, such as Google, Amazon and Apple, actually had humble beginnings in someone’s garage. San Jose, CA storage companies such as  Central Self Storage could provide similarly convenient, low-cost spaces for hundreds of new companies as the culture of innovation continues to blossom in the San Jose area.

Starting New Businesses

Leasing an office in California usually costs between $2,000 and $7,000 per month. Companies just starting out that opt to rent storage space will have much lower overhead and much less routine maintenance to perform.

Instead of signing a long-term lease agreement for office space, a business can rent San Jose, CA storage unit on a month-to-month basis at Central Self Storage.


Although most businesses store products and equipment at a warehouse that is located several miles from a company’s office, a new enterprise that uses storage space as a makeshift office will have instant access to inventory that is located in other storage units.

Meeting the Demand

As the economy grows, residents and businesses in California are consuming more and more products and services. Central Self Storage provides sizable storage units at four locations in San Jose, CA, and also has 11 other storage centers in other parts of California.

Central offers climate-controlled units and provides 24/7 access for our customers.

The Benefits of Technology

Silicon Valley is a hotbed or technology, and Central Self Storage embraces it! Central offers online storage rental and payment options for customer’s convenience. The live chat feature on allows patrons to speak with a specialist at any time.

Getting Started

Apple and Amazon both started with an idea and a garage. If you’ve got the vision, we have the storage space to help you get it off the ground. Check out Central Self Storage’s four locations in the San Jose area:

San Jose CA 1020 Spring Street Self Storage
San Jose CA 355 W Hedding St Self Storage
San Jose CA 6880 Santa Teresa Blvd Self Storage
San Jose CA 900 Lonus Street Self Storage