How to Pick the Perfect Fit in a Storage Unit

man in box

Selecting the perfect storage unit size can be confusing. If you choose the wrong size, you risk spending too much money or running out of space. Fortunately, there are some guidelines to help you make a decision.

Examine Your Items

Before purchasing a storage unit, make a detailed list of your belongings. You need to examine how items can be stored in relation to other items. For example, heavy objects cannot be stored on top of flimsy objects, and items with a unique shape might not fit on or under other items.


Small storage units can house a surprisingly large number of things, but packing items in too tightly can create a problem. Before you purchase a storage unit, you need to prioritize your belongings to ensure that you can reach important items. You do not want to unload your storage space just to find one file box. If you need to have access to most of your storage items, you should consider storage units that allow you to create room for movement.

Start Measuring

After you examine and prioritize your items, you should develop a basic plan for how you want the goods to be organized. Once you have a plan, use a measuring tape to get a rough idea of how much space your belongings will consume.

Consult a Professional Service

Central Self Storage offers a convenient storage calculator. The calculator provides an estimate of the storage unit size that you will need. If you still need help, the friendly staff at Central Self Storage can guide you through the selection process.