Your Guide to Safely Creating Great Christmas Lighting for Your Yard

A house lit up with holiday lights and figurines in the yard with lights

For many of us, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially when it comes to holiday décor. From stringing up icicle lights on your roof to planting light-up reindeer in front lawn, there are so many ways to express your Christmas spirit in a unique way. However, there are also a plethora of safety hazards you might face when installing these electrically powered ornaments.

So, in order to keep the holiday cheer going all season long and prevent any accidents, our team at Central Self Storage in Portland, OR, has put together a list of a few decorating safety tips to ensure you—and your friends and family—are safe during the holidays.

Prevent Trips and Falls

Trips and falls represent the most common holiday hazard around the home. In order to make the journey to Grandma’s your only trip this holiday season, it’s important to follow a few basic safety tips:

  • As you’re securing Christmas lighting to your home’s exterior, never use a ladder without a spotter to keep it in place.
  • Make sure to install roof lights in small sections as you stand on a ladder, not as you’re leaning forward or laying down on the roof.
  • When running power cables to your lawn décor, make sure they are placed where guests don’t have to walk over them.
  • If inclement weather is expected, make sure to spread ice melt (salt) across your driveway and stairs to ensure solid foot traction.

Signal Santa Safely

Christmas lighting instantly adds a festive touch to your décor, but don’t let those holiday essentials turn into a safety hazard. Try these simple tips:

  • Only use outdoor lighting outside and indoor lighting indoors.
  • Consider LED lights, which stay cooler and present less danger of sparking a fire. Miniature lights are a smart choice if you go with traditional lighting.
  • Discard lights with frayed cords or missing fuses.
  • Opt for UL-approved lights. They undergo rigorous testing to help ensure holiday safety.
  • Timers, apps, and remote controls make easy work of ensuring that your holiday lights are turned off when unattended.
  • Consider installing a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet to prevent the risk of shock from outdoor Christmas lighting exposed to the elements.

With these tips from Central Self Storage, you can keep your family safe and your holidays merry all season long.

Store Your Christmas Decorations with Central After the Holidays

From avoiding trip hazards to preventing fires, taking a few precautions when decorating this Christmas is well worth the effort. Once the festivities have ended, you might need a place to store all your lawn decorations and Christmas lights.

Instead of cluttering up your storage closets or garage, call Central Self Storage in Portland, OR, to stash your seasonal décor until next year. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can help choose the perfect size storage unit for you. You can also reserve a unit online for the ultimate in holiday convenience! Stay safe this year, and Merry Christmas!