Boat Storage in New Hope, MN

boat with cover

If you live in eastern Minnesota and need to store a boat, consider using Central Self Storage in New Hope, MN. The city is near Medicine Lake, a popular destination for fishing, boating and hiking. You can also find the smaller Bass and Eagle lakes in this area. New Hope is conveniently located near the state’s capital and largest city.

Short-term Storage

During the summer and early autumn, some people store their boats between trips. This works well for boaters who don’t have spacious garages, barns or driveways. If you decide to store a boat for a few weeks, it’s best to clean it and remove any excess water from its surfaces. Remember to fully inflate the tires before storing a trailer.

Long-term Storage

Many people use boat storage in New Hope, MN to protect their watercraft and free up space during the winter. Thanks to Minnesota’s chilly climate, motorized boats require extensive winterization. If you don’t know how to prepare a vessel for cold weather, consider paying a reputable repair shop or dealer to thoroughly winterize it.

You can also opt to save money by performing your own winterization tasks. The appropriate steps vary depending on the type of boat and engine. You may need to change fluids, replace certain filters, clean bilges, lubricate cylinders and fill the gas tank. A large vessel might have water or sewage tanks that you must empty and winterize.

Before using outdoor boat storage in New Hope, MN, consider investing in high-quality boat and wheel covers. They will protect your equipment from snow, rain, bird feces and sunlight. It costs more to rent indoor units for boats, but these facilities provide much greater protection. Contact Central Self Storage to learn more about our available boat storage in New Hope, MN.