The Best in Post-Holiday Storage Units

Christmas tree and present next to a lit fireplace

The holidays are long gone in San Jose, CA, and you’ve had plenty of time to sort through your gifts so that you can make room for all the new items in your home. Some things will have to go; others will take their place. Maybe you now have items you’d like to sell to make some quick post-holiday cash. Central Self Storage has a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with gifts and decorations after the holidays.

Tips for Post-Holiday Organization

Assess the situation

It’s important to take note of your new items before you start moving things around. If you’ve received new furniture, you’ll have to figure out what to do with the old chairs and couches. Do you have room for them in the den, or would it make more sense to store them away for later use? If you don’t want your new belongings to compete for space, it’s a good idea to invest in an off-site storage unit.

Select a storage unit for your needs

Storage units come in many different sizes, from small lockers to massive spaces. If you only have a couple small items to store away, you won’t need anything larger than a closet-sized storage unit. Furniture and other large items may need a bit more space for storage. Select a unit that meets your needs now – you can always upgrade to a larger unit if you need it in the future.

Store and organize your items

You may have more than furniture and knickknacks to store after the holidays. You’ll also need to find a place for holiday decorations, old gift boxes, and wrapping supplies. These things take up space in closets, attics, and garages. Avoid cluttering your home by storing holiday supplies in a storage unit. You can pack things in boxes according to their type and keep everything secured away from home.

Self Storage for After the Holidays

The holidays may have ended, but you’ve still got work to do, such as storing away clutter, decorations, and more. Storage units are the ideal solution for making space at home for your new gifts. Central Self Storage has four facilities in San Jose, CA to make moving and storing your belongings easy and convenient. You can store what you’re not using and have things ready to go off-site when you next need them.