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Central Self Storage - Pacheco
  • 5733 Pacheco Blvd.
  • Pacheco, CA 94553
(925) 691-5700

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6' wide x 10' deep, Outside
Floor #: 1, No Climate Control

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Storage Units in Concord CA 5733 Pacheco Blvd

About This Facility

If you’re a music fan, Concord, CA is your kind of town. From the Concord Jazz Festival and concerts at the Concord Pavilion to the bands performing in the city center’s plaza, you’ll find plenty of ways to indulge your love of music. The birthplace of jazz legend Dave Brubeck is also home to a host of other attractions.

With music as one of its calling cards, storage lockers are in high demand in Concord. Most musicians have multiple instruments and other tools of the trade. Self storage offers the perfect home for guitars, cymbals, effect pedals, and even pianos too large for your living space. Climate-controlled units keep them safe from both theft and heat when not in use.

When you want to get out and breathe some fresh air, you’ll find lots of options as well. Whether you hit the trails or treat the family to a day of fun at Waterworld California, enjoying the great outdoors is one of the perks of living in Concord. If your idea of fun includes outdoor sports, storage lockers are the ideal solution for keeping sporting equipment secure and out of the way.

When you just want to relax, Todos Santos Plaza is the answer. Named for Concord’s original moniker, the town square is a great place to sit with a cup of coffee, take in live music, shop at the farmers market or just watch people from all walks of life go by. Free up your time off by securing self storage in Concord, CA.

Find the perfect storage solution for you! Contact us today.

What Size Do I Need?

5' x 5' (Up to 25 sq. ft.)

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    Unit Price

  • 5 x 5

    Self Storage Climate Control 5.0 X 5.0
    Self Storage Climate Control 5.0 X 5.0

    Self Storage Climate Control
    Climate Controlled
    Inside, 1st floor,

    Internet-First Month Free


5' x 10' (Up to 50 sq. ft.)

10' x 10' (Up to 100 sq. ft.)

10' x 15' (Up to 150 sq. ft.)

10' x 20' (Up to 200 sq. ft.)

10' x 30' (Up to 300 sq. ft.)

Over 300 sq. ft.