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  • Portland OR 1323 NW 16th Ave

Storage Units in Portland OR 1323 NW 16th Ave

About This Facility

If you are looking for a great facility to store your extra belongings, we are the right place for you. Located in the Pearl District, we offer several size units that are individually alarmed, have elevator access and 24 hr. video surveillance. Our facility is extremely clean and well maintained by our full time maintenance staff. Just minutes from the Willamette River, Central Self Storage Portland is nestled in an upscale area with plenty to do. This location puts you in the center of city-living with various boutiques, numerous options for dining, art galleries, and an easy stroll to Willamette River’s waterfront. We have a friendly office staff to make your storage experience a memorable one.

What Size Do I Need?

5' x 5' (Up to 25 sq. ft.)

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  • 5 x 5

    Unit Price$81

    Self Storage

    Inside, 2nd floor,

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    (503) 224-7111(503) 224-7111
  • 5 x 5

    Unit Price$83

    Self Storage

    Inside, 3rd floor,

    Call for Details
    (503) 224-7111(503) 224-7111

5' x 10' (Up to 50 sq. ft.)

10' x 10' (Up to 100 sq. ft.)

10' x 15' (Up to 150 sq. ft.)

10' x 20' (Up to 200 sq. ft.)

10' x 25' (Up to 250 sq. ft.)

10' x 30' (Up to 300 sq. ft.)

Over 300 sq. ft.