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  • Antioch CA 2100 A Street
  • Antioch CA 2100 A Street

Storage Units in Antioch CA 2100 A Street

About This Facility

Get out and explore the great outdoors in Antioch, CA. The East Bay community is home to a city marina, a family-friendly water park and dozens of municipal parks. Regional nature preserves and a number of trails make it easy to stay fit and enjoy a wealth of natural beauty.

If you love hiking, swimming, running and other outdoor sports but don’t want to clog your living space with all your gear, self storage may be the answer. Storage units help active families stay organized by providing a secure place to store climbing equipment, bulky backpacks, pool toys and other outdoor equipment.

Whether you spend every free minute outside or just want a place to keep your belongings secure yet out of the way, storage units are the perfect solution. Access via electronic gates, video surveillance and heavy-duty construction ensure the complete safety of all your belongings. Online payments, access to moving supplies and our convenient A Street location make storing your home goods easy as can be. Contact Central Self Storage in Antioch, CA today to protect your belongings the smart way.

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What Size Do I Need?

5' x 5' (Up to 25 sq. ft.)

  • Size



    Unit Price

  • 5 x 4

    Self Storage 5.0 X 4.0
    Self Storage 5.0 X 4.0

    Self Storage
    Outside, 1st floor,

    Internet-First Month Free


  • 5 x 5

    Self Storage 5.0 X 5.0
    Self Storage 5.0 X 5.0

    Self Storage
    Outside, 1st floor,



5' x 10' (Up to 50 sq. ft.)

10' x 10' (Up to 100 sq. ft.)

10' x 15' (Up to 150 sq. ft.)

10' x 20' (Up to 200 sq. ft.)

10' x 25' (Up to 250 sq. ft.)

10' x 30' (Up to 300 sq. ft.)

Over 300 sq. ft.