To Have and to Hold (in Storage)

a couple lying side by side on a rug with moving boxes around them

Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes wedding season. If you’re one of the lucky couples getting married, you likely have a long to-do list. With so much on your plate, you might not have considered where to put your gifts or how to sort out furniture in your joint homes. Join the growing group of smart newlyweds using post-wedding self storage in San Jose, CA.

Duplicate Gifts

As meticulous as you may have been about registering at your favorite stores and choosing just the right coffee grinder or wine carafe, getting duplicate gifts is inevitable. Gather your gifts, grab a cup of coffee, and see which items can be returned. Keep everything you agree on in one area, and return items that came with gift receipts. Donate or sell the rest online, or hit area consignment stores that sell home goods.

Get Spousal Approval

When two homes become one, you may have to consolidate furniture, décor, or other items. Staying open minded is important as these conversations are often some of the hardest you’ll face as newlyweds – compromise is inevitable. Before tossing an item into the ‘donate’ or ‘sell’ pile, be sure you’re on the same page. You could be looking at a gift from your spouse’s favorite aunt, and dismissing its sentimental value could cause resentment. For presents you won’t use often (or don’t go with the new furniture), but don’t want to get rid, self storage is the perfect option.

Storing Your Extra Furniture

San Jose is known for its pricey real estate. So, even if you move into a larger space, it still may not be enough to fit both of your previous homes. You’ll likely have duplicate furniture and appliances like couches, dressers, or kitchen equipment that you just don’t need two of. Self storage space can provide breathing room for as long as you need it. If you’re merging households, storage units allow you more time to decide which furniture stays and what needs to go. Extra storage space even gives you the option of refreshing your decor from time to time. Just switch out a few pieces for a whole new look.

Central Self Storage Can Help You Tie the Knot

You have enough to worry about in the months leading up to and following your wedding. Whether you lack space for two households’ worth of belongings or need a place for those mountains of gifts from your bridal shower and wedding, there’s a solution. Newlyweds in San Jose, CA can take advantage of Central Self Storage for an affordable way to get the extra space you need during this transition. Our storage units offer the square footage you need to stash everything from extra sets of dishes to mattresses and box springs.