The Solution for Your Traveling Business

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Las Vegas, NV is famous for its incredible, lavish productions. Some of them have run for years, and others occasionally go on the road. For entertainers who need to stash their props, scenery and costumes, self storage provides a perfect solution in Vegas or anywhere in the area.

Be Like Carrot Top

They say that what happens in Las Vegas NV stays there. The best way to make sure your equipment stays safe is to rent secure storage units to hold all the various elements that are necessary for putting on a first class Britney Spears concert, a Cirque du Soleil extravaganza or a David Copperfield magic act. Even prop comic Carrot Top has dozens of bins and crates in self storage where he keeps his hand-made props as he rotates them in and out of his act.

Climate Control

Public address systems, amplifiers, circus equipment, lights and magic act accessories are expensive investments that have to be protected when the show goes on the road. Seasonal appointments for Christmas shows or summer spectacles need to be in a climate-controlled environment that isn’t vulnerable to theft or any type of mishap.


Musicians are constantly changing equipment depending on the size of the hall and the type of performance. They might choose to take a smaller set-up for a road tour and leave the larger system for when they return to Las Vegas, NV. They can rest easy knowing that when they come off the road, their gear will be in the same condition as when they put it in their storage units. Guitars and electronic equipment can take up a lot of space. It makes more sense to put them in self storage than to leave the precious gear at their home or at their main venue. Expensive instruments have been known to disappear from nightclubs and auditoriums; they’re also vulnerable to accidents.

Why Self-Storage Makes Sense

Storage units make sense for any type of traveling business in Las Vegas or anywhere in the area. Nobody wants to return from a long tour to find their home has been robbed and their equipment is missing.

The low cost and high security of self-storage units make them essential for performers, equipment managers and stage hands. It’s the only way to really guarantee that the gear you use in Vegas stays in Vegas. No matter what size unit you need, you’ll find the perfect secure place to keep it while you’re out on the road.