Summer Storage in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

Temporary Storage

As the hot months of summer approach in the Phoenix area, you may be planning to escape to cooler climates. Even a temporary relocation means that belongings must be properly stored to survive the dry heat that permeates central Arizona communities like Glendale and Tempe. Central Self Storage in Arizona is a practical, inexpensive solution for storing household and personal belongings.

Storage units range in size from small cubicles that are convenient for boxes and incidentals to spaces large enough to house boats, cars and household appliances. If you are packing up your winter home in Tempe and want self storage in Arizona for clothing and household goods, call our staff to discuss what size will best suit your needs. A 5-foot by 5-foot unit holds several boxes, standing lamps, mattresses and chairs. Larger AZ self storage units accommodate kitchen appliances, lawn mowers, bicycles or motorcycles. Larger AZ storage units available in Glendale and nearby communities can house the contents of an entire one-bedroom apartment. If you need to store vehicles, the contents of a family home or more, Central Self Storage can help you with your larger storage needs as well.

While many household goods are not affected by high temperatures, some items cannot tolerate heat. Climate controlled AZ self storage units help protect belongings that may deteriorate from excess heat, dryness or moisture. Climate Controlled AZ storage units are recommended for wooden furniture, electronics and items like candles, soft plastics and wax. Other goods like photography material, medicines, leather, art, musical instruments and antiques are better protected in a climate controlled unit. Although most personal clothing may not require a climate controlled environment for safe-keeping, certain fabrics and fine textiles like fur, silk and nylon can deteriorate in high temperatures. Fluctuations in humidity may result in mold and mildew, which damage material and cause odors that are difficult to remove.

If you are not sure about what AZ self storage options are best for you, give us a call at (602) 635-6530.