Shop and Store Near the Mall of America

shopping in Minneapolis

Shopping at the Mall of America is a real treat, drawing shopaholics from around the world. In fact, four out of every 10 shoppers are tourists. Locals find it equally hard to resist the allure of its retail attractions, though. What should you do if the famous mall’s temptations threaten to spill out of your closets? Self storage in Minneapolis is the perfect solution.

The retail mega-center is the most-visited mall in the world for a reason. With more than 520 stores, getting carried away is understandable. However, your collection of treasures may make it difficult to maintain a tidy household and keep your sanity intact. Fortunately, there’s plenty of self storage in Minneapolis for retail fanatics.

The trick is to find a facility worthy of your stylish stash. Your purchases were carefully chosen, making the grade after intense scrutiny. Many were probably clothing items; you took the time to try them on and assess them under harsh lighting in front of brutally honest mirrors. Something requiring this much work deserves a good home.

You may have plenty of storage options, but all storage in Minneapolis is not created equal. It’s important to choose a self storage facility that is right for you. Here are some important factors to consider when searching for a storage unit:


The safety of a storage unit is a major factor to consider when picking a location for your valuables. Central Self Storage in Minneapolis offers self storage with 24-hour video surveillance, elevator access and electronic gate access. We also offer several sized units that are individually alarmed.

Storage Size

While your belongings may be overflowing in your home, you may not need a massive storage unit. Storage units come in sizes from as small as a closet, to large enough to hold a vehicle. Central Self Storage has units as small as 3 x 5, just enough space to clear out your own closet. Try our storage calculator to find out how much space you need!

Special Items

Some valuable or delicate items may need to be stored under special conditions. Climate controlled units help to keep temperature-sensitive items in pristine condition. If you’re storing collectibles, electronics, media and other sensitive belonging, you should look into climate controlled storage units. Check with self storage companies to see if they offer climate controlled units.

There’s no need to get rid of your carefully curated collection of clothes, housewares and other purchases. Protect your belongings with Central Self Storage in Minneapolis.