Seasonal Clothing Storage


With winter upon us at last, you’ll likely want to look for ways to open up more space in your closets. By moving your summer clothing items to Central Self Storage in Olathe, KS, you’ll have easier access to your bulky winter items that are sure to see heavy use from now until spring. With your hats, gloves and thickly lined jackets hanging in your closet, you can pack away your lighter items while bidding summer and its flip flops and shorts farewell.

Pre-Storage Care

All clothing items should be washed or dry-cleaned before they are stored. This will get rid of any stains that may not be readily visible. Body oils that are still in the fabric can become more prominent after sitting for several weeks, which can damage cotton items. If you’ve recently had shirts, shorts and pants dry-cleaned, these items should be completely removed from the plastic before they are stored, so that the cleaning chemicals are not sealed in.

Packing Options

Rolling garment racks are a good best option for hanging items. Clothing items can be easily packed onto the rack and then covered with a cotton sheet to allow for a bit of air circulation. Sweaters, however, should be folded to prevent stretching. If you’ve procured one of the larger storage units in Olathe, KS, several racks can be placed against the side or back wall. Suitcases and plastic boxes that are sealed with strong masking tape will also work well.

Choosing Items to Store

Summer suits, blouses, pants, shorts, bathing suits and bikinis can all go into Central Self Storage in Olathe, KS. Sandals, flip-flops and warm-weather shoes are similarly good options. Shoes should be scrubbed thoroughly so that bad smells can be completely eliminated.

With winter arriving with a vengeance, taking your summer clothes to storage units in Olathe, KS can save the day. By washing, packing and storing these items in style, you can save space in your closet until warmer weather arrives again. Contact Central Self Storage to find a storage facility near you and start clearing out your closet today!