RV Storage: A Smart Offseason Option

an RV on the road with a sunset in the background

Say goodbye to summer vacations and family outings as the cold seasons settle on Pleasanton, CA. With winter just around the corner, more and more people in the area will park their RV’s until the spring rolls around in March. However, it’s not always ideal to park your vehicle in your driveway for several months. Central Self Storage wants to help you make the most of vehicle storage at our local facility.

3 Benefits of RV Storage

Reclaim space in your driveway.

A large vehicle, like an RV, needs more space than the average driveway can provide. When you park it at an off-site storage unit, you have a dedicated spot for your vehicle while freeing up space at home, and preserving your curb appeal.

Prevent vehicle theft.

It’s hard to feel comfortable with an unattended RV in your driveway. An off-site storage facility provides 24-hour surveillance, password entry gates, and other security features. Your vehicle will always be watched over when you’re not around.

Get more storage space for accessories.

An off-site storage facility has more than a parking space for your RV; it also has individual units for your RV gear, supplies, tools, and accessories. You can move these items out of your garage and into a unit to clear out the clutter at home.

How to Prep for Vehicle Storage

  • Deep cleaning: Prepping for RV storage starts with cleaning out the interior, including any food items in the refrigerator. Give everything a good once-over to keep out unwanted pests.
  • Fluid maintenance: Empty the pipes, add antifreeze, and top off all the fluids in your  RV. You should also add a fuel stabilizer if it’s going to sit for more than a few months.
  • Power preservation: Remove the battery, and transfer it to a warm place for the winter. Turn off all the appliances, including the propane tank. Close all the openings in and around the RV to protect the interior from the elements.

Central Self Storage for RV’s and More

When you lack vehicle storage space at home, Central Self Storage has you covered. Once you prep your RV for the winter, drive it over to our Pleasanton, CA location. We’ll provide ample room for your vehicle, keeping it stored in a convenient place until you’re ready to hit the road again.