Prepare for a New School Year with Self Storage

student studying in dorm room

Getting ready for the school year can be both exciting and overwhelming. Simplify your busy schedule by planning for an organized, tidy living area. Whether you’ll be living in a dorm or off campus in Berkeley, CA, our tips will help you stay organized and maximize your space. From organizational tricks to convenient storage options, these ideas will help you prevent clutter and make the most of your time away at school.

Keep Clutter Under Control

Make a checklist of everything you need to pack, and edit it several times before you leave. For nonessential items, consider waiting to see if you can share with a roommate or friend. Think about whether you can buy certain toiletries and other inexpensive items once you’re settled in to avoid over-packing. Take advantage of vertical space with tall shelving units, and invest in affordable under-bed storage containers and over-the-door racks and hooks.

Tiny Spaces in Berkeley, CA

Space is at a premium here, so use every square inch wisely. Once you arrive, look at the layout before unpacking. If there’s a smarter, more logical way of arranging the furniture, do it while there’s nothing else in your way. If you find you have too many clothes, books, and other belongings for your limited space, self storage can help. Student storage allows you to safely stash off-season clothes, art projects, clunky sports equipment, and other infrequently used items in an easily accessible location.

Have Fun with Self Storage

Storage units are the perfect solution for overstuffed student housing, and they also offer added space to enjoy hobbies. Invest in an inexpensive table, and re-purpose an old cabinet for supply storage. Voila! You have your very own craft room. Your storage unit can also double as a dance studio, martial arts practice space or office for a part-time business in your off-hours. Stretch your budget by sharing the space with a friend in need of storage space or a private hobby room.

From packing fewer belongings to taking advantage of student storage, there’s a lot you can do to lighten your load this semester. Create a living space that makes sense by making use of every square inch. Keep lesser-used items off-site in reliable storage units. Contact Central Self Storage today for more information or to reserve a unit. We have facilities around the country, including our Shattuck Avenue location in Berkeley, CA.