Central Self Storage: Island Park Storage You Can Trust


When you make the decision to store your belongings for whatever reason, you ought to feel confident in your storage facility to responsibly hold onto them. Sure, you might not be using those items all the time, but they are still your hard-earned things. Why choose an untrustworthy business when there is an alternative?

At Central Self Storage, we are self storage you can depend on. Our storage facility in Island Park, NY isn’t just a great place to keep your things; it’s also an active part of the Island Park and Long Beach communities.

Features You Want

Central Self Storage in Island Park, NY has a wide variety of features that support your storage experience at every level. With a 24/7 service kiosk, you can rent units, access your unit, and pay bills whenever it’s convenient for you. Climate-controlled units allow you peace of mind when storing sensitive items. In addition, all units come standard with alarms – we don’t make you pay extra for security.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

It’s not just features that make us stand apart in the New York storage space. We take pride in having constructed a respectable reputation throughout more than 15 years of operation in Island Park. We’ve won numerous awards over the years, including Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Merchant of the Month, Island Park Chamber of Commerce Beautification Award for Building and Landscape, and the Town of Hempstead Certification of Recognition.

Property Managers Tom and Ken have worked for years to maintain great service and great relationships with Central Self Storage’s customers. Reputation is of the utmost importance to us, and our awards are just an extension of the services we provide.

An Important Part of the Community

No good business exists without being a part of its community, and we at Island Park have been an integral and longstanding member of the community. We’ve been a member of the Long Island Chamber of Commerce since 2006 and the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce since 2005, and we serve customers in both cities as well as the surrounding area.

When you choose self storage, don’t choose just another business. Central Self Storage in Island Park, NY exceeds expectations: We’re a storage facility with an excellent reputation that cares about the community as much as it does your belongings within our walls. Contact us today!