How Your Home Can Be Adding to Your Stress

Is Your Home Adding to Your Stress?

Your home should act as your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and escape the pressures from the workplace. But for some people in Fairfield, CA, their homes could be adding to or causing their stress. As part of Stress Awareness Month, Central Self Storage is tackling the causes and finding ways to eliminate or reduce the problem.

5 Causes of Stress at Home

1. Bad Economy

A bad economy leads to job losses and troubled times at home. Struggling to pay the bills or buy groceries causes elevated stress in your entire family. Creating a positive atmosphere even when times are rough can reduce stress and create the necessary motivation to rise up and make a better life for you and those in your home.

2. Lack of Interaction

Coming home to an empty house can sometimes cause stress for those who thrive on social interaction. However, not everyone who lives under the same roof interacts with one another. The kids may be in their rooms watching television or glued to their smartphones, and the parents could be in separate rooms dealing with work or house chores. Finding time for social interaction has a positive effect on stress and makes everyone in the home happier.

3. The Home Office

It’s hard to escape the pressures of the office when you work from home. Make a concentrated effort to leave your work in the office when you shut the door behind you. If you can learn to separate the two spaces, you’ll feel much better moving forward.

4. Living in the Past

Your brain can’t tell whether you’re thinking about something bad or if it’s really happening. Stop unnecessary stress by replacing negative thoughts with good ones. You’ll reduce your brain’s stress response and enhance your mood.

5. Too Much Clutter

Clutter can make you feel trapped and unable to think straight. Make more room in your house and your life by moving cluttered items to storage. Reducing the clutter and learning to let go of things can help you eliminate the stress at home.

A Stress-Free Home is a Happy Home

Whether it’s a troubled economy or suffocating clutter, you can fight stress-related problems by tackling them head-on. Learn calming methods like breathing exercises and meditation to alleviate stressful moments, and use our storage units to remove the clutter and create more open space around you. Making small adjustments in your daily routine can have a big impact in your mood and overall quality of life.